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Line x vs. Rhino Liner: Reviewed Thoroughly For 2020. November 25, 2019 by Daniel Kinsey. As you already know, your truck bed can take a lot of abuse when hauling cargo, and may end up sustain dents, scratches, and chippings. Exposure to harsh weather elements will also cause it to fade and even cause rust and corrosion. Rhino Lining - The increased thickness of a softer Rhino liner gives it a softer “rubbery” feel, and the liner’s surface isn’t as rough as Line-X so it’s more gentle on knees and cargo. - Thicker material usually means a duller appearance – it doesn’t follow the contours of a truck bed nearly as well as Line-X. 18/09/2019 · As for Rhino vs. Line-X: I've used both on my fleet trucks at the office and haven't noticed any long-term difference on durability, and these guys are hard on truck beds. I'm not sure what kind is in my truck. Rhino has different liner products.

I had Rhino in the last truck, and Line-X this round. Both are great quality, but the Rhino seems to fade more. The Rhino is cold sprayed on where is the Line-X guy here does a hot spray. I like the idea of the hot spray to get it even more in the little places. Both were great quality and durable. I like the Line-X. 12/04/2007 · Line-X vs. Rhino Liner Silverado Car Forums. In talking to several dealers while test driving vehicles before my purchase this year, I found that several of the dealers even as far as 45 miles away choose to have it done at Line X. The line-x is more durable and looks better than the Rhino liner. Re: Linex vs Rhino lining vs something else? Mar 01. It also depends on what you have near to Line-X dealer was closer than my RhinoLiner dealer, but the LineX dealer has yet to call me back after almost nine months. Line X I only used briefly but same procedure, but it just didn't seem like the color or gloss held up over time. If your only two choices are Rhino and Line X, hands down do Line X. Nothing against Rhino Liner but it just seems like a inferior product regardless of. It does prevent slipage better then the Line-X not a big difference really but I chipped pieces of my Rhino liner several times. I finally had the Rhino removed and replaced with Line-X. The Line-X liner has had no problems at all and I've been happy with it ever since." "Line-X is my favorite.

29/07/2014 · Bullet vs Line-X vs Rhino. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11. So I have RHINO liner and not LineX. It looks good and in fact I had the truck already home before I noticed the RHINO emblem in the bed. I looked through my paperwork from the dealer and noticed it was RHINO liner paperwork. 19/05/2017 · Rhino seems more rubbery, a little softer to set things on. Line-x feels thinner and harder to me. Both are good, more of a preference issue. I prefer Rhino because of some of the things I haul - I want the slight cushioning effect. Tools bouncing, etc. I had Rhino on. Rhino Liner vs LineX Liner. Now that you’re convinced that a spray-on truck bed liner is a must-have for your vehicle, it’s time to look at brands. I can tell you right off the bat, Rhino Lining and LineX are two big names in the industry. But, which one is better? Installation is Half the Battle.

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