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That said, sometimes there’s a reason to have a video replay in a loop because you think the video is funny in a loop or for some other reason. For example, you might be using YouTube videos to help prepare you for a technical certification exam and really need more than one run-through of some concepts in order to prepare. Once you install the extension, you’ll see a new Loop option below the video. Click on that and you can choose how many times to loop the video and also if you want to loop only a portion of the video. For Firefox, you can use YouTube Video Replay. Hopefully, these methods will allow you to loop your probably music video as many times as.

lets you play YouTube videos on an endless loop. Repeat the whole video or a portion of any YouTube video continuously. There are websites that have one purpose only to loop YouTube videos and additionally, you get a time slot feature with which you can loop parts of the video instead of looping the entire song. I found “listen on repeat” best for this. 3 Ways To Loop YouTube Videos. by Bogdana Zujic / June 13, 2018 / How To, Internet / Tweet. YouTube in recent years almost completely replaced CDs, and for the most internet users, YouTube is the only and irreplaceable source of music. Hence, we are providing below some alternate methods to Loop YouTube Videos on Android Phone. Loop YouTube Videos on Android Phone or Tablet. Playing YouTube Videos in a Loop on any Laptop or Desktop computer is easy. All that is required is to simply right click on the video and then select the Loop option in the contextual menu.

Have you ever come across a YouTube video that you just wanted to watch or listen to over and over? Getting annoyed of always having to go back and hit the replay button to start it over again? Luckily, there are ways to easily loop YouTube videos to keep them playing continuously.

13/10/2017 · The YouTube App on your iPhone does not have the Loop feature, which could allow you to watch the same Videos over and over again. However, there are some easy methods to Loop YouTube Videos on iPhone as listed below. Looping YouTube Videos on a Mac or Windows computer is really easy. Simply right.
5. Tap on the loop icon inside the playlist to repeat that single song. Method 3. Loop YouTube Videos with 3rd Party Apps. Apart from these workarounds, there are many third-party Android apps that you can use to play YouTube videos repeatedly. Here is the full list of YouTube embedded player parameters. Relevant info: autoplay supported players: AS3, AS2, HTML5 Values: 0 or 1. Default is 0. Sets whether or not the initial video will autoplay when the player loads. loop supported players: AS3, HTML5 Values: 0 or 1. Default is 0. Looper for YouTube. offered by3067 312,724 users. Overview. Auto replay videos with ONE-CLICK, able to customise features such as AUTO LOOP toggle, setting loop counts and loop portion. With Looper for YouTube you will get a loop button under the YouTube player.

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